KPop & C-Pop (Chinese Pop) Vocal Training

KPop and CPop Vocal Training & Singing Lessons

I’ve worked extensively with singers entering the market in K-Pop, Canto-Pop, and Mando-Pop, as well as with seasoned professionals in these styles.  These markets are starting to really want big, belty, “American pop” style voices.  The Chinese market, especially, is just starting to go that direction and it’s super exciting to work on this with people. I’ve worked with people both from these areas as well as Asian Americans who want to work in these markets or who are existing performers in the K-Pop, Canto-Pop, and Mando-Pop insutries looking to further their skills, recover from injury and learn safer belting techniques, and produce their new projects (CDs, concerts, TV shows, etc).

I don’t like asking for people to do this, but I have been granted permission from a couple of my awesome clients and ex-clients to use their videos for the studio promotion.  One of those clients is the lovely and bright Kate Kim, now a signed KPop artist living in Seoul.  I worked with Kate in 2014 in San Francisco on her high belt and whistle register (whistle tone) as well as general skills to maintain safe vocal technique without injury.  She sounds super beautiful and I’m so proud of her – not just for her vocal accmplishments, but also for the tenacity with which she has approached going for what she wanted.  She’s a great model for getting things done, as well as for beautiful vocal technique.  She was brought to Seoul originally by Superstar K – a crazy competitive KPop TV talent show like American Idol on steroids for KPop – and eventually was able to get into the industry in Seoul, South Korea.

Here’s Kate’s latest, working with Kia:

Be sure to subscribe to Kate’s channel on Youtube for her latest vids as they are posted.  Her high belt is really nice and she kills it at whistle register (whistle tone), too!

The emerging and existing Asian pop styles (K-Pop, Canto-Pop, and Mando-Pop) are all very emotional styles.  Not only do you need to know a lot of great technique to do what the best artists in the US pop industry do, but you also need to deliver on emootional content.  With K-Pop, dancing is also really valued.  IMO, C-Pop (Mando-Pop and Canto-Pop) will probably start incorporating more dancing as we go along, too, and it would be a good idea to get some dance skills to get ahead of that.

Please note I do not speak any of the Chinese languages or Korean so if you’d like to do any work in these languages, you’ll need to have the lyrics down.

Other of my students in western Asia were nominated or won awards and shows: Chinese Music Awards, The Voice TV show (Hong Kong – client hosted it for a season), Super Idol (Taipei, Taiwan) second place.