Ellie teaches and mentors people from many different musical genres.  In her work in Hollywood, she worked with a lot of singing actors.  In San Diego, she worked with a lot of singer-songwriters, MandoPop singers, blues and jazz singers, and indie rock/pop artists.  In San Francisco, she worked with a lot of jazz artists, KPop, CantoPop, MandoPop and and singer/songwriters. In NYC, she gets a lot of theatre singers and singing actors, but pretty much she;s down with all genres except the demon voice metal singers.  About half her studio is big-voiced singers for the Asian market such as K-Pop, Canto-Pop, and Mando-Pop.

Here are some discusssions of different genres Ellie has taught with success:

KPop Chinese Pop Singing Lessons

US Pop and New Country singing coach

Old Blues, Country Blues, and Old Country singing lessons

Jazz voice lessons