How Long Will I Need To Take Singing Lessons


How long will I need to take singing lessons or voice lessons for?



This is such a common question!  Unfortunately, it’s kinda problematic to answer.  Basically, you should make progress in the first lesson.  Most people make enough progress to hear a change in the first session, but sometimes it’s not super dramatic (but still is there 100% of the time) and people hear only a slight change.  Bu the time we start hitting breath support (usually the second lesson) you should hear a significant enough change to hear even if your ears aren;t super great.  Now if you have have problems singing on pitch, you won’t be able to go this fast!  But if you basically sing on pitch right now, you shoudl hear a slight to a significant difference the first lesson and start to hear a more profound change on the second lesson.

OK so there’s that.

But how ong do you need to study voice.  That really depends on your goals.  A lot of people take lessons just for fun and for them they can take lessons for any amout of time.  Mostly, hobbyists should hear a pretty significant difference by the end of a 12-lesson series.   But if you are pro-track and wanna be super on your game and recording stuff and maybe doing some professional work, people like this often take for the ir whole life.  I know, right?  But like I’m in this camp.  I still take.  I hit different people here and there that I think have an interesting take on things and I train with a main teacher 2-4x/month and I go to Alexander Technique teachers (it’s not singing but it’s super helpful to be able to sing way better).  A lot of professional singers continue to train their whole life, especially if they intend to performa t the tope of their game.  It’s good to have a second set of ears and also it’s your teacher’s job to worry about you and it’s super awesome – for me, anyway – to have someone I pay to worry about me.  It’s like a team!

So now, another way to answer this question is to tell you about what my students usually do.  On average, people take 30 voice lessons from me!  Hahahahah!  That’s a funny fact to know but I actually did the math recently in relationship to something else and that was the average.  Now that includes the people who come and take a session or a few just to solve a speific problem and it includes people who have been with me for a decade or more!

Anyway, I hope this answer was helpful to you guys!