While I love to see and talk with you guys, sometimes it’s hard to talk on the phone when you’re walking around super noisy Manhattan causing problems! #FavouriteActivityEver. Also I get a lotta calls from SEO people (even though I’m on the Do Not Call List WTF!!!!), therefore, I usually let the phone ring through to voice mail when it rings and then call back that same day.  If possible, it’s much easier to screen for SEO spammers on email and text and I’d ask you to contact me that way, if possible!  Here’s the deets:


Manhattan Singing & Voice Lessons with Jazz Singer Eleonor England

520 8th Ave 16th floor

New York, New York 10018

(619) 851-3665

(please note these are public studios where there are a lot of people and when I am there I am usually with clients and cannot come out to say hi, so you should only swing by if you have an appointment, but text or email away and we can get you set up!  Or use the online scheduler for singing lessons!)