New York Singing Lessons with Eleonor England

NYC singing lessons…

New York singers! Are you developing your full potential as a singer? Are you able to sing the way you know you can? Are you committed to put in the work to have the very best voice you could achieve?

Eleonor England’s singing lessons students win auditions; college placements; and scholarships to prestigious universities and colleges as well as auditions for television singing shows and place well in singing competitions such as the Voice, Idol shows, and international competitions. They sing in classical, musical theatre, jazz, blues, pop, indie, rock, and many other genres locally and internationally.

Come to a private voice lesson in Manhattan, NYC to find out how to expand your range, sing high notes without strain, switch from classical to jazz or another popular genre, find your “true voice” instead of imitating other singers, and leave each lesson singing better than when you walked in.

Ellie’s vocal studio is located in Midtown Manhattan in New York City and is convenient to most areas of New York City and nearby New Jersey by subway, NY Transit, PATH, or NJ transit. Lesson rates are reasonable compared to vocal studios in New York City and singing students report their rate of learning is high!

If you’re in New York City and are ready to take your singing seriously, sign up for a voice lesson with Ellie in Manhattan and let’s get you going toward your goals!

Call or text 6i9/85i.3665 to book! (If you call, let me return your call – I get a LOT of spam calls from SEO people and can’t pick it up all the time)

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