Manhattan Singing & Voice Lessons

Manhattan Voice & Singing Lessons

NYC (midtown Manhattan) singing lessons in Pop, KPop, Jazz (actual jazz, not #JazzNotjazz), Blues (legit: Country, Chicago, Urban, etc), rock, nujazz, indie, CantoPop, MandoPop, musical theatre, singing for actors, and the ever-popular much, much more!

I’ve been teaching a while (A while=20 yrs) as part of what I view as the “mission” statement for jazz musicians: make music, support the community by teaching and mentoring, smoke a lotta weed, die poor but with a really cool record collection.  You know the routine. Lest you think this studio is just the same as any other studio execpt the pricing, here are some things some of my students have accomplished this stuff after “graduating” or during study:

Awards/Nominations including:

  • Chinese Music Awards
  • Los Angeles Music Awards
  • Artist In Music Awards (Hollywood)
  • San Diego Music Awards
  • Chinese Music Awards
  • Golden Sail CASH Music Awards (Hong Kong)
  • International Blues Challenge Southern California winners – went to Memphis to compete in nationals (client was Chicago-style blues singer dude)
  • More!

Spots on TV Talent Shows (American Idol tyes of shows):

  • Actual American Idol (US)
  • Superstar K (this is HUGE in South Korea, graduating many super talented KPop singers)
  • Super Idol (Taiwan – MandoPop client)
  • The Voice – client hosted this show for a season (Hong Kong – CantoPop client)
  • More

Scored some majour venue action:

  • Vienna Opera House
  • Solo Show at Hong Kong Coliseum – 2 nights sold out, solo artist (13,000 seats each night)
  • Pinkcom (Berlin), Milkweg (Amsterdam)
  • House of Blues “National” stage
  • South By Southwest
  • Majour Jazz venues including headlining jazz fests internationally
  • Too many more to mention or I’ll get writers cramp

Have hits and optioned music:

  • 2 top 10 albums (certified by sales)
  • #1 hit song (Asian market)
  • #10 hit song (Asian market)
  • songs placed on MTV Real World
  • songs placed on MTVs Fresh Meat
  • songs placed in feature films
  • Again with the “many more” thing

Suckage alleviation

  • Sucking less (non-pro singers totally accepted and they will be loved and supported, even if they think they are awful!)

Let’s get your project on track with the vocals you’re capable of!

Ellie’s vocal studio is located in Midtown Manhattan in New York City and is convenient to most areas of New York City and nearby New Jersey by subway, NY Transit, PATH, or NJ transit. Lesson rates are reasonable compared to vocal studios in New York City and singing students report their rate of learning is high!  (Online lessons are also available an Ellie gets back to California a few times a year)

If you’re in New York City and are ready to take your singing seriously, sign up for a voice lesson with Ellie in Manhattan and let’s get you going toward your goals!

Call or text 619/851.3665 to book! (Although we are on the DO NOT CALL LIST (data miners, you have been warned!) They still call like 10x/day so if you call, let me return your call)

520 8th Ave 16th floor New York, New York 10018


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